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Hot Summer 'Warm' Heart

Hot Summer 'Warm' Heart

     It is June now, the summer is really around here and the temperature is getting higher and heigher, people (workers) are feel exhausted easily due to this hot weather especially in such a crowded space that is full of goods, materials and people. Workers can be very emotional and be agitated under this scorching heat circumstance, so KiMu decided to have air conditioners in the factroy especially in the workshop areas. We had installed twenty air conditioners in the workshop areas ! Yes, it is not a small investment. Due to we have good-sized working space and good amount of workers, and considering we want to let everyone has a nice working cicumstance, KiMu decided to have twenty air conditioners regardless of cost just to provide a nice working invironment. It is so much cooler and comfortable when you walk into the workshop, no more stuffiness or annoyed feelings. We know it is a lot of cost once we installed so many air conditioners, but KiMu still willing to do it because we treated our workers as friends, family. We can not deny that making profits is our purpose, but mutual benefit and win-win result is also what we aimed for, only workers have a good working environment so they can be most willing to do work, and so that we can make more profits from another perspective.



  KiMu are really welcomed you to take a visit at our factory in person, to feel our nice working workshop and feel the 'warm' feelings among every one.

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